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Marguerite Devine-Mraz

Marguerite Devine-Mraz

October's Girl Hero

Annemarie Beliard

This October, we are thrilled to have Annemarie Beliard as our Girl Hero! Annemarie is a long-time GOTR supporter and this year’s Co-Chair of the Sneaker Soiree Planning Committee. Annemarie first got involved as a Running Buddy and has now held multiple roles in the GOTR community! Her favorite part of being involved with Girls on the Run is the community! She noted, "I have been fortunate to work with GOTR staff, board members, volunteers, and participants over the past few years, and it is a truly amazing community. People are dedicated to the mission, positive, supportive and ready to help. The organization really embodies everything they teach to the girls in the program!"


When asked about how she first learned about GOTR, Annemarie said: "I was introduced to GOTR through a friend and running buddy who has been active with the organization for many years. She and I connected through our love of running, and I learned more about the program from her. Running is an important part of my life—it has taught me the benefits of stretching out of my comfort zone, moving through obstacles, and the joy that comes with setting and achieving goals. It has also been a key community in my adult life. Being active in the GOTR community, whose mission is to bring these benefits to girls at a pivotal time in their development, is very important to me and brings me a lot of joy and fulfillment."


Thank you, Annemarie!



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