Girls on the Run coaches are trained volunteers who lead a team of participants through a season of powerful and fun lessons. You do not need to be a runner; you simply need to have a desire to support and encourage the next generation. Coaches receive all the tools and support they need and find that they get as much out of coaching as they give.

Are you between 16-18 years old and interested in coaching?

Check out our Junior Coach program for high school girls!

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Are you between 16-18 years old and interested in coaching?

Check out our Junior Coach program for high school girls!

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“Being a coach has impacted me in a positive way. I feel more empowered and confident. All the lessons are lessons that even we as adults can learn from. I love the program.”

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  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Complete our Coach Application
  • Consent to and complete a background check.
  • Attend and complete Coach Training. Teachers may qualify for Continuing Education Credits. See FAQ below. 
  • Commit to the season’s practice schedule, which is two times per week for 90 minutes each session


  • Get to know and understand your co-coaches to better serve your team.
  • Have fun while serving as a role model for program participants.
  • Review, prepare and supervise weekly lessons (curriculum provided by Girls on the Run).
  • Collaborate with other coaches for successful lesson delivery.
  • Commit for the entire season (practices and end-of-season 5K event).
  • Facilitate communication with parents/guardians of program participants. 

Season Details

  • Spring Season runs from the week of March 25th through the week of May 20th
  • Coach Applications due: March 15th
  • New Coach Training: February 10th, March 2nd, OR March 16th
  • Regional 5K at Renton Memorial Stadium on May 19th. More details to come!

Help transform and strengthen the next generation


A Girls on the Run is smiling at the camera wearing a blue program shirt

"Watching the girls in terms of what they have learned has been really fun this season. I think the best thing they have learned as a group is to have trust in each other and to communicate with each other about how they feel."

Coach Kaylyn

A Girls on the Run coach smiles while holding a program medal at the 5K

"As a coach, I just really realized how important it is to pour into this generation of girls and lift them up."

Coach Shayla

A Girls on the Run program coach smiles at the camera outdoors.

"It’s the girls’ smiles that inspire and motivate me."

Coach Mo


Frequently Asked Questions

There are girls who need YOU to help them unleash their power and potential. If you are considering coaching, ask yourself: What better gift can you give to the next generation than inspiring confidence and a strong sense of self?

  • Almost 100% of girls said their Girls on the Run coaches care about them.
  • 99% of coaches agreed that the coaching experience was valuable for them.
  • 96% of coaches said they felt they formed positive relationships with the girls on their team.
  • 94% of Girls on the Run coaches said they felt like they were making a difference in their girls’ lives.

No! Girls on the Run provides the training, curriculum and supplies needed to safely lead a team for a season! You simply need to be a motivating role model for your team. Many of our coaches participate in their first 5K alongside their team!


Girls on the Run (3rd-5th) or Heart & Sole (6th-8th) Coaches are the heart of our program and  have a meaningful impact on all the girls on their team. Teams of 2+ coaches work together to lead a group of 6-15 girls through our curriculum for a 10-week season.

Coaches are expected to attend twice weekly 90-minute practices for the entirety of the season as well as attend their team's 5K as outlined in Season Details above. 

Coaches do not have to be “runners”; they only need to have the desire to serve as role models for the girls by engaging with girls during practice, encouraging girls throughout  the lessons and workouts, leading a healthy lifestyle and maintaining positive attitudes.  

The research-based curriculum is developed so that coaches can easily facilitate the lessons with a small amount of preparation weekly. Coaches are unpaid volunteers and can be anyone in the community; no experience is necessary. Anyone can be a great GOTR coach! We encourage individuals of all genders, races, ethnicities, and backgrounds to join us for our transformative program.  

Coaches must:

  • Commit to volunteering for the entire season (as shown in Season Details, above) and attend the end-of-season 5K. If you are only able to volunteer 1x a week, please let us know! We will do our best to accommodate you. 
  • Communicate and coordinate planned/unplanned absences with your co-coaches and GOTR staff to ensure proper coverage, as 2 coaches must be present at all practices. 
  • Submit online coach application 
  • Complete a 1-2-hours of self-paced online training. New coaches only are also required to attend an in-person Coach Training Session. See Season Details above for training dates. 
  • Be 18 years or older 
  • Consent to a free background check 
  • Follow all site and GOTR safety protocols
  • Be committed to improving girls’ positive development 
  • Be willing to work in partnership with other volunteers, GOTR staff, site staff and families 

Coaches are expected to: 

  • Communicate with GOTRPS Staff and Co-Coaches in a timely manner.
  • Complete online pre-training work (for new and returning coaches).
  • Attend an in-person Coach Training Session (new coaches only).
  • Pick up materials at designated material pick up days during the season. Materials may include curriculum, t-shirts, Unstoppable Us packets, 5K supplies, etc.  
  • Coordinate with your co-coaches to purchase healthy snacks for each practice & submit receipts for reimbursement at the end of the season. Each team is allotted $16/girl per team for the entire season, and we cannot reimburse any amount over that allotment. As an alternative, GOTR can also offer prepaid grocery store gift cards.
  • Ensure one coach per team is CPR/First Aid certified before start of the season by completing our online CPR/First Aid program (approximately 4 hours of online training and an in-person certification). GOTR reimburses the cost for certification for one coach per team unless a coach already has a valid CPR/First Aid certification.
  • Arrive at the program site 15 minutes before practice starts and remain at site until all participants have left.
  • Divide responsibilities of coaching such as facilitation, family communication, picking up materials for your team, etc. evenly with your co-coaches. Family communication includes sending weekly emails to families. Outlines and templates are provided by GOTR Staff.
  • Help communicate GOTR season information to families via email and phone using templates and suggestions provided by GOTR Staff.  
  • Practice positive behavior management and foster a non-competitive environment that embodies Girls on the Run values.
  • Coordinate finding a substitute coach with co-coaches & GOTR Staff if less than 2 coaches are available for any practice.
  • Help communicate details for the end-of-season 5K Fun Run event with your team.
  • Read Weekly Warm Up emails from GOTR Staff throughout the season to remain informed about any season changes, key events, and coaching tips.
  • Return GOTR curriculum without damage or writing on pages to avoid being charged, as we re-use curriculums each season. Dates for curriculum return will be communicated during the season. 

Pre-season coach time commitment:

  • ~1-2-hours for self-paced online training (new and returning coaches)
  • 4.5 hour in-person Coach Training for (new coaches only) 
  • ~5 hours of online and in-person CPR/First-Aid Training (only one coach per team must be certified; existing current CPR certifications are accepted.)

During the season coach time commitment:

  • Two 90-minute practices per week for 10 weeks (20 lessons total) 
  • ~30 minutes of lesson preparation each week
  • ~1 hour per week for family & GOTR staff communication via email and/or phone 
  • ~3 hours at the May regional 5K event (Spring Season only)

Yes! If you cannot commit to being a full-time coach, you can still make an impact as a Substitute Coach or Superstar Supporter. Though we strive to give sub coaches advance notice, some flexibility in your schedule will help us to accommodate the occasional last-minute request due to coach illness, etc. You must commit to covering at least 3 practices throughout the season, if needed. Superstar Supporters are asked to commit to attending a minimum of 3 practices and the end-of-season 5K. 


Sub Coach Requirements: 

  • Submit a coach application (see link above). 
  • Consent to a background check. 
  • New and Returning Substitute coaches are required to complete online training; new Sub Coaches must also attend the 4.5 hour in-person training. 


Superstar Supporters: learn more and apply here.

No. But here is our policy:

  • At least one female-identifying coach over the age of 21 must be present at each practice.
  • All other coaches and assistant coaches must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Junior Coaches must be at least 16 years of age and female.

A minimum of one coach per team must have CPR and First Aid certification on file by the first session of any given season and be present at every practice.

Yes! Community coaches are individuals not directly affiliated with a school or community location who support the Girls on the Run mission. Community coaches are placed according to their geographic location and their availability at sites that need additional coaches.

No! We provide you with training, curriculum and supplies – everything needed to coach a safe, successful season! You should not incur any personal costs to provide the program to your team.

Our council provides each program location with the curriculum and supplies needed to facilitate the season. We will contact coaches to arrange pick-up for their team’s materials. 

Coach training includes online self-paced training and an in-person training session. Only new coaches will need to complete our 3-hour in-person training. In-person training dates for each season will be communicated via email before the season begins. Check "Season Details" above for current information.  

Yes, Girls on the Run Puget Sound is a Washington OSPI Approved Clock Hour Provider. Please view our Coach Training Overview & Objectives document for more information. 

In addition to the two to three coaches who are 18 years of age or older, some teams may also have a Junior Coach assigned. Junior Coaches are high school volunteers between the ages 16-18 who complete an application and training. They are role models and developing leaders who support the adult coaches and mentor the team. 

Teams may practice at designated parks, recreation and community centers, homes and schools. The location and times are approved prior to participant registration each season. Practice times are typically set in the late afternoon/early evening hours (to accommodate participants after school). 

Coaches may indicate where they would like to coach. If coaches do not have a preference, we will assign them to a location in need. 

Absolutely! The more, the merrier! Each Girls on the Run team is led by two to three trained coaches, and sometimes a Junior Coach. If you would like to coach at an existing site with another applicant, please mention this in your application and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Merci d’envisager d’accepter le rôle vital d’animateur bénévole pour Girls on the Run. Si vous avez toujours des questions sur la façon de débloquer le pouvoir et le potentiel des filles de votre communauté, veuillez communiqu

Thanks for considering the vital role of serving as a volunteer coach for Girls on the Run. If you still have questions about how you can unlock the power and potential girls in your community, please contact us!

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